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  1. plural of roll


  1. third-person singular of roll

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The word roll has these meanings:
  • Roll (food)
  • A thin flexible solid wound around a centre.
    • Something wrapped around a tube, e.g. toilet roll.
    • Paper strips wrapped around a thin quilling tool, e.g. quilling.
    • A bank roll, a paper holder for coins
    • A wrapped holder for similarly shaped items, such as a candy roll
  • A list of records, especially of people (see also roster, rotulus, Pipe Rolls):
    • Electoral roll, a list of eligible voters
    • Credits roll, vertically moving text in video and film terminology
    • The collective noun for the pupils of a school, e.g. "There are 1240 pupils in the school roll."
    • Roll call

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In the United States:

In the atmosphere

  • A roll cloud, usually found in the lee of mountains
  • Horizontal convective rolls, in the boundary layer, the horizontal vortices that usually fill the layer, also known as organized large eddies

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